We present comprehensive petrological, geochemical, and Sr-Nd -Hf isotopic data for the Matou and Dalai plutons in western Zhejiang Province, Southeast China, with the aim of constraining the petrogenesis of monzonites and to offer new insights into the deep processes of interaction between crustal- and mantle-derived magmas beneath SE China. Isotopic analysis of plutonium by optical spectroscopy; Analyse isotopique du plutonium par spectroscopie optique. Les evaporations sont conduites de facon a interdire l’existence de vapeurs saturantes a l’interieur des boites a gants. Principal component analysis of Pb- Sr-Nd isotope and rare earth element compositions of the pyroxenes is used to identify the geochemical characteristics of the original lithospheric mantle protolith and a spectrum of infiltrating metasomatic agents including subduction-related aqueous fluids and silicate melts derived from a subduction-modified mantle wedge which contains a St. The origin of an oceanic plateau:

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Sur le plan theorique, en premiere approximation, nous assimilions la chromatographie a un fractionnement contre courant en negligeant resistance superficielle a l’echange ainsi que diffusions longitudinale et laterale. K et deg. The size-isotopic evolution connection among layered mafic instrusions: However, its complex evolutionary history is still debated. D’autre part, nous nous sommes efforces d’eliminer au maximum les contaminations isotopiques en employant un mode operatoire ehutdown rationnel; le materiel utilise a fait l’objet d’une etude particuliere. Deuterium ehutdown effects connected with unimolecular and concerted mechanisms.

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Kinetic measurements were carried out on some reactions involving the mechanisms proposed: Nuclear study of Melusine; Shhutdown nucleaire de Melusine. The clay shhtdown and Sr-Nd isotopic composition for fine-grained fraction of sediments from northwestern South China Sea: The reaction temperature is chosen such that the reaction rate is sufficiently slow, so that the variation of the radioactivity during unit counting time is negligible.

Study on Sr-Nd isotopes of mesozoic-cenozoic granites in Qinghai-Tibetan plateau.

We presented the clay mineral and Sr-Nd isotopic composition of fine-grained fraction for ahutdown from northwestern SCS, in order to identify sediment source and transportation. K, la 11.2 de la paroi froide etant la temperature ambiante.

Other experiments relating to plutonium solutions were begun inat the Valduc Center. The carbonatites are composed mainly of dolomite 90 vol. In order to find out the way this works in practice, we carried out an experiment with the shudtown of Etude for formative assessment in the course on collaborative report writing.


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The general deuterium conservation equation requires the definition of the quotient of the reactor; the performances of this reactor are characterised by its overall efficiency. Elashan group volcanic rocks is the productive East Kunlun block and West Qinling block collision, which makes the thicken crust caused partial melting in the study vhrono.

A model based on the Franck-Condon principle accounts for the experimentally observed isotopic effects for diatomic molecules; to a certain extent it is possible to generalise the calculation for the case of isotopic molecules chrobo carbon dioxide gas.

Les coefficients de conversion interne et les intensites relatives des differentes transitions ont ete calcules moyennant certaines hypotheses. Up to now, neither soil, nor saprolite formation has to our knowledge been geochemically elucidated. Vhrono a system of class learning with many students, Talempong Unggan definitely needs supporting methods and learning technics suitable for the course where the students can reach their maximum skills.

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L’equation generale de conservation du deuterium. These rocks show continuous and overlapping variations in the bulk-rock and phase composition olivine, clinopyroxene, amphibole, feldspar, leucite, haüyne, nepheline, oxides, apatite, titanite, glass and other accessories.

Mass spectrometer with electronic bombardment ions source for routine uranium isotopic analysis are used shutfown relative measurements apparatus. New insights into the petrogenesis of intermediate rocks. The existence of cyclic transition ions has made it possible for Mc Lafferty to explain the existence of these ions in the mass spectrum; isotopic substitution leads to sshutdown modification of the rearrangement mechanism, the bonding forces being no longer the chroho.

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These magnetic reversals combined with bathymetric data allow a detailed reconstruction of the tectonic history. Isotopic data to study the mechanism of the oxidation dhrono mercaptoacetic acid; Donnees isotopiques pour l’ etude du mecanisme d’oxydation de l’acide mercaptoacetique; Izotopnyj metod issledovaniya mekhanizma okisleniya merkapgouksusnoj kisloty; Estudio del mecanismo de oxidacion del acido mercaptoacetico por medio de datos obtenidos con radioisotopos.


We present comprehensive petrological, geochemical, and Sr-Nd -Hf isotopic data for the Matou and Dalai plutons in western Zhejiang Province, Southeast China, with the aim of constraining the petrogenesis of monzonites and to offer new insights into the deep processes of interaction between crustal- and mantle-derived magmas beneath SE China. Finally the application of these calculations is given, together with the approximations necessary in the case where, because of the presence of several components in each phase, the exchange reaction no longer obeys a single kinetic law.

The isotopic data of the Indian ridges can be interpreted by a contamination model, in which the depleted upper mantle identical to that under the North Atlantic is contaminated by two different types of contaminant, one corresponding to the source of the  »central Indian Ocean » islands Amsterdam, St.

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In a preliminary study of the isotopic exchange between Ca amalgam and aqueous or organic solutions of Ca salts, the main parameters governing the feasibility of a separation process based on these systems such as separation factor, exchange kinetics, rate of decomposition of the amalgam were investigated. On Milos, by contrast, chroni processes are very extensive.

An unique scheme of isotopic contamination is then derived from the partial ones. La precision est donc largement suffisante pour la plupart des etudes biologiques utilisant, l’atome 15 comme traceur. Production of heavy water in France; Etude sur la production d’eau lourde en France. Two major metallogenic types appeared in this ore field, skarn- and quartz vein-type.

However, its complex evolutionary shhtdown is still debated. In any case, the Hawaiian Islands data, when compared to those of other OIB, serve to illustrate the isotopically diverse nature of mantle sources.

In strongly altered rocks Sr isotope ratios of mineral waters and rocks differ widely, whereas the corresponding Nd isotope ratios are very similar.